Hello and Welcome!

I have wanted to create a blog for quite a while now. Deciding on what to write about was one of the hardest things for me. I thought of all of the things I am passionate about and finally landed on the decision to write about food. From restaurant reviews to recipe reviews to gadgets in the kitchen, the list of possibilities to write about is endless!

I have always had a passion for food from a very young age. I was not the child who ordered mac and cheese or chicken fingers every time my family went out to eat. I loved to try new things. I still do. I have never been a picky eater and when blogging about food, I find that not being picky is crucial. You have to be able to be open to trying new things.

Along with that, I have always loved to bake and cook with anyone who was in the kitchen and was willing to let me help whether it was my grandmother, my mom or my dad, my aunt or my friend’s parents. In my family we have a couple of traditions that revolve around food. For instance, every year my family comes together at my grandmother’s house and we make tamales to eat on Christmas Eve. Another tradition we have is gathering at my aunt’s house about a couple days before Christmas to make cookies for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I am writing this blog to bring together my love of being in the kitchen (which is where my blog title comes from) and writing to create something that is possible to share with others. Whenever I make something in the kitchen I always have people that ask me for the recipes I use and now I can direct them to one place!

I am so excited to début this blog! I hope you all enjoy it!


Emma Reneé