An Updated Introduction

Hello foodies!

It’s been so long since I’ve been on this blog. You’ll notice I made changes, some small such as deleting a few posts, and others bigger, such as changing my theme and adding a brand-spanking-new blog header designed by yours truly.

There are also some other changes that have been happening in my life. For years I have struggled with my weight and the way my body looks. My parents suggested that I try doing what they are doing. Trying this would mean changing a lot about the way I live, which scared me. I finally decided to try it in April [2016].

I’m talking about AltShift. Broken down, AltShift is simply making good food choices, and then cycling carbs, fats, and calories that helps to repair your metabolism without having to starve yourself. AltShift = alternating shifts. 5 shift lasts 5 days and is high fat and low carb (about a 30 gram limit a day). 3 shift lasts 3 days and is high carb and low fat (about a 40 gram limit a day). If you want to learn more about this I recommend visiting the website and reading Jason Seib’s book Lasting Fat Loss at Last.

It’s been over a month since I started AltShift and I feel and look great. I have cut out almost all gluten and dairy products and sticking to a mostly paleo way of eating. I have more energy and I can tell that my body is improving in a good way. Ive lost inches every where, which means I have been losing the fat without losing all my weight, which is the point.

Readers will start to see a change on this site. I am still going to be posting yummy deserts and snacks that I bake for my friends and other family, but I am also going to be posting more recipes for meals that I can eat. I hope that you all stick around to witness my food journey.




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